“Reinstating The Great Herbal Heritage of  India”

Our Nation has an extensive tradition of using precious herbs and natural ingredients in cosmetic & skincare products from time immemorial. These herbs and natural ingredients are enriched with minerals, amino acids, vitamins, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory substances along with powerful age-control nutrients which keep the skin unblemished and youthful.

La Velouté Healthcare products contain high concentration of Aloe Vera gel and a blend of precious herbs. Aloevera is an astonishing plant with abundant medicinal values and its use can be faced back in history for over 5000 years. Its medicinal properties have been known about and used by all the great ancient civilizations in Greece, Rome and Egypt. It has been called by many names such as ‘Miracle Works’, The plant of Immortality’ etc. Aloe has so many therapeutic values and acts as a moisturizer and cleanser. It relives the skin from sunburn, windburn, chafing, itching and irritation. It increases the collagen production and prevents pigment formation. It controls hair fall and dandruff.

Apart from Aloe Vera, more than 50 powerful natural ingredients and precious herbs are used in La Velouté Healthcare products as appropriate to the product requisite, ensuring the formulations more effective.

The significance of our products…

Our skin is the outward appearance of who or what we are, or would like to be. But it is more than just a simple cover. It is the largest organ of the body - a complex and dynamic system that is vitally important to our health and sometimes reflects it as well.

Everybody’s skin perhaps looks very much like that of every other person within their racial group. But as the years go by, its structure and appearance may change dramatically, seldom for the better if, professional skin care products are not used. Differences between the various parts of our skin, particularly the sun-exposed areas like the face and arms, become more obvious. Further, the polluted milieu, impinge a lot of abuses to the skin.

Here comes the significance of La Velouté Healthcare products! The near natural products of La Velouté Healthcare Private Limited are ideal for the Indian climatic conditions. Most of the skincare products available in the market are chemical based and forms a coating over the skin, covering up the skin pores completely. This forbids the skin to breathe which leads to the arrest of the skin’s natural metabolic functions. The inimitable ingredient combination of  La Velouté  Healthcare products penetrate deep into the skin, work within the skin, leaving the skin pores open, which in turn enhances the skin metabolism. La Velouté offers a wide range of high quality ‘face-care, skincare, healthcare and home-care’ products setting the standards for a radiant and healthy lifestyle.

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