La VeloutéLa Velouté was started in the year 2005 in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India and made as a private limited company in the year 2008. La Velouté Healthcare Private Limited got ISO Certification in the year 2009, ensuring the best quality of its products and services. The company is into manufacturing and marketing high quality Healthcare, Skincare, Hair-Care, Beauty-Care and Homecare products through Direct & Conventional Marketing, providing an exciting and enduring business career to all its Business Associates.

La VeloutéLa Velouté is a French word which means “Velvet Skin”, in other words “Soft Skin”. La Velouté Healthcare Private Limited is into manufacturing and marketing, a wide range of high quality Near-Natural Healthcare, Skincare, Hair-Care, Beauty-Care and Homecare, priced within the means of common people and its marketing policies are designed in a way to provide Business Opportunity to people from all walks of life. It’s not just a business opportunity; the promotional strategies are designed with so much of ambitious and futuristic thoughts, making this a Lifetime Business Career.

La VeloutéLa Velouté Healthcare Private Limited has certainly got the most righteous vision and is all set to transform the lifestyles of hundreds and thousands of families, transforming their lifestyles… not just providing them a business opportunity and improve their financial status…. it is all about transforming them, enriching them in as many ways. It could be enrichment to their attitude, their positive thinking, gaining self-confidence, improvising their communication skills, listening skills, their leadership qualities and indeed this association can make them elevate to a level that winning becomes a habit.

La VeloutéLa Velouté Healthcare Private Limited has a fully loaded Training Center in Madurai and Exclusive Women’s Salons in Madurai, Coimbatore and New Delhi. The Business Strategies, Income opportunities and the Compensation Packages have been carefully and professionally designed, understanding the demand of the market and the associates involved, that this business suits every individual, whatever, whichever walk-of-life he/she may come from and will be a genuine ‘win-win’ scenario.



La VeloutéEnduring and Growing Triumph! Success is a journey and should be an ever growing process. To offer a Lifetime Business Opportunity, provide an enduring platform for the associates to exhibit their skills and convert their potentials into performances.


La Velou‘Growing Together’ is the real essence of La Velouté Healthcare Private Limited. To adopt Win-Win stratagem in every aspect of the business and contribute a quality transformation of lifestyle to all the dynamic and vibrant associates.


La Velouté‘Enrich and Get Enriched’ is the unparalleled policy of La Velouté Healthcare Private Limited and is wholly committed to continual trainings and support, make certain the success of the associates and ensure the realization of their visions.

      FROM THE DESK OF CEO                  
La VeloutéWe’re all natural leaders, born instinctive and designed to succeed. The real significance of our accomplishments are not measured by the wealth we amass but by the benefits others gained through our success and the positive impact we’ve made on human lives.
M E Meenakshisundaram
Managing Director & CEO

ISO Certification:

La Velouté Healthcare Private Limited got ISO Certification from TÜV SÜD Group, the largest technical inspectorate in Germany and NABCB, The National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies, falling in line with international excellence and procedures, ensuring its customers A Promise of Quality. 

Sridevi Balaji is part of La Velouté family since September 2006. To turn into a Business Owner, was her longtime aspiration. Born in a traditional business family and married to a Plastic Surgeon, Sridevi Balaji is highly ambitious to be an exemplar of leadership qualities. She steers her team, ‘The High-Fliers’ with utmost focus and pace. Her managerial skills and flexibility with her team members, made her achieve a thriving success in La Velouté. Apart from her Networking Designation, she is also the Business Coordinator of Madurai Region and as well, Center Coordinator of La Veloute Women’s Salon, Madurai. She actively participates in all aspects of the business and she frequently conducts Skincare Awareness Programs. Known for her convincing capabilities and grace, she is all set to become one of the most successful personalities in her line of business.
Sridevi Balaji, Madurai
Platinum Club Associate
Minie Sreekanth is part of La Velouté family since March 2007. Born in a royal family and married to an industrialist, she is a Research Scholar and always had a dream of excelling in a career of her own style. Her flair to work with people and her compassion for the less-fortunate led her to actively participate in various social events and organizations. She pursues La Velouté as a professional business career and is extremely successful in guiding her team members to accomplish their visions. Apart from her Networking Designation, she is also the Business Coordinator of Coimbatore Region and as well, Center Coordinator of La Velouté Women’s Salon, Coimbatore. She enthusiastically involves herself in overall business strategies and she travels extensively to guide and motivate her team members. Her unique management traits coupled with strategic approach are the key factors to her enduring success.
Minie Sreekanth, Coimbatore
Gold Club Associate
Lalitha Elango is part of La Velouté since July 2007. A composed housewife, her entire world revolved around her husband and two children. When Lalitha was presented this business opportunity by her sister, she willingly joined La Velouté, hoping for a fellowship with new acquaintances. She performed the business meticulously and it was then; she realized her communication and marketing skills and with the continual encouragements from her family, she soared high and achieved laurels. Apart from her Networking Designation, she is also the Business Coordinator of La Velouté for Trichy Region and sincerely contributes her valuable inputs for the overall development of the business. She always exhibits the highest level of
commitment and integrity and is an asset to La Velouté.
Lalitha Elango, Trichy
Silver Club Associate
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